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I Am CrossFit Results


Posted March 14, 2013 by

The I Am CrossFit results are IN!  Over the past 8 weeks, these athletes have gone through absolute transformation!  We had 135 athletes take on weekly food logging, extra workouts and team accountability.  Throughout the challenge these athletes embraced CrossFit as a lifestyle rather than simply a workout.  Some of them were brand new to CrossFit, others were taking on the challenge for the fourth year in a row!

I Am CrossFit Challenge Results
Total Pounds Lost: 707.95
Total Inches Lost: 695.51
Total Body Fat % Lost: 408.30


Check out what some of the participants are saying about the challenge:

Bobby Brooks:  RealDoubleBee.com and  Nick from 101x:  De-Nickification

Coach Jen Shaw & Jaime Schauger Team

Pounds Lost: 27
Body Fat % Lost: 19.5
Inches Lost: 46 

Coach Carey Kepler’s Team

Pounds Lost: 28.8
Body Fat % Lost: 12.6
Inches Lost: 48.41
Inches Gained: 14.5
Pounds Gained: 9.4

Coach Jeff McKinney’s Team McKillers

Pounds Lost: 51.2
Body Fat % Lost: 28.2
Inches Lost: 65
My Crossfit Challenge Goals were a little hazy, I knew I wanted more fitness, and less fatness but I didn’t really zero in on exactly measured goals because anything was going to be an improvement. – Bobby

Coach Jess Estrada’s Team Regulators

Pounds Lost: 33.25
Body Fat % Lost: 24.7
Inches Lost: 55.25

Coach Michael Winchester’s Team

Pounds Lost: 66
Body Fat % Lost: 35.8
Inches Lost: 57
Pounds Gained: 3.4
Inches Gained: 3.25

I Am CrossFit Finale

Coach Chelsea Ross’s Team

Pounds Lost: 111.20
Body Fat % Lost: 44.5
Inches Lost: 83.9

Coach Nyki Helmcamp’s Team

Pounds Lost: 29.4
Body Fat % Lost: 29.6
Inches Lost: 93.45

Coach Big Mike Gregory & Teo Ledesma’s Team

Pounds Lost: 50
Body Fat % Lost: 51

Coach Chris Hartwell & Soul Team

Pounds Lost: 30
Body Fat % Lost: 10.3
Inches Lost: 17

Coach Travis Holley’s Team

Pounds Lost: 80.8
Body Fat % Lost: 57.5
Inches Lost: 58.5

Coach Lizi Riley’s Team Rileyed Up

Pounds Lost: 95
Body Fat % Lost: 37.1
Inches Lost: 88.5


Coach Ben Flores’ Team

Pounds Lost: 60.5
Body Fat % Lost: 28.6
Inches Lost: 67

Coach Zachary Thiel’s Team

Pounds Lost: 22.8
Body Fat % Lost: 28.9
Inches Lost: 37.5


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